Our Services

Classic Manicure

A waterless manicure that includes all of the necessary nail and cuticle care, a soothing hand and arm massage, and flawless polish application.

Indulgent Manicure

The Classic Manicure plus an exfoliating sugar scrub applied to the hands and arms, wrapped in hot, steamy towels as well as a hydrating glove to increase moisture retention. Also a hand and arm massage that will take you to a whole new level of relaxation. Indulge!

Shellac Manicure

The Classic Manicure with Shellac polish.

Tween Manicure

The Classic Manicure without the massage designed for kids and teens who need the full service without the extras.

Child Manicure

Little nails are cut and filed if tolerated. Lotion is applied and nails are gently buffed and polished. No manicure is complete without a ring to show it off, so plan on picking out your new bling at the end of this service!


Classic Pedicure

Feet are soaked and softened, nails and cuticles are trimmed and filed. Calluses are gently removed and smoothed, followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub. The perfect blend of hydrating oil and lotion is applied to legs and feet. Sit back and enjoy the leg and foot massage, finished off with flawless polish application.

Indulgent Pedicure

Everything included in the Classic Pedicure, plus a moisturizing mask wrapped in warm, steamy towels followed by an extended hot stone massage that will leave you in a state of total relaxation. For those who truly understand "me time."

Shellac Pedicure

The Classic Pedicure with Shellac polish.

Senior Care Pedicure

This pedicure is for our seniors who haven't received foot care in a while. It's a Classic Pedicure, but with extra time allotted for the special needs of neglected feet and/or extra thick toenails. ***Please ensure that feet are clean (including between the toes) so our techs can focus on the more technical aspects of senior foot care.

Child Pedicure

Little toenails are gently filed if tolerated. Hangnails are trimmed, but cuticles are otherwise left intact. Lotion is applied, followed by polish. Waterless. *Also comes with her choice of a new bottle of polish!

Tween Pedicure

A Classic Pedicure but without callus removal or massage. Perfect for kids and teens who want the full experience but don't need the extras.


Packages and Add-Ons
Shellac Add-On

Polish Change - Hands

Polish Change - Feet

Acrylic Removal

Extra Foot/Leg Massage

Ten EXTRA minutes of total relaxation. Your preferred pressure-from soft and gentle to deep tissue.

Gel Polish (Shellac) Removal

Removal fee is waived if product was applied by us.